Consultancy & Engineering Services

Communications (Southern) Ltd staff have significant experience (some over 35 years) and trained in this highly specialised field of RF (Radio frequency) Engineering for professional VHF & UHF radio communications (two-way radio) systems including survey, design, supply, installation, maintenance, fault finding & trouble-shooting.
From giving "advice & guidance" or acting as your own technical authority we can provide as little or as much support as YOU require. We can also carry out Contractors Engineering Manager (CEM) or Contractors Responsible Engineer (CRE) duties for a wide range of Telecommunications systems in both Safety Critical & Mission Critical enviroments.
We carry-out independent system evaluations, reviews and audits, as well as frequently providing technical support services to the trade.
If communication problems are causing you headaches, or just the uncertainty of what to you need, we can provide suitable expertise to get you on the right track, or support you through the entire process.

'Contact-us' with your specific requirement, or issue...