SRP Repeater Series

Simple Repeater

Designed to enhance coverage of a two-way radio system, the cost effective SRP repeater series uses a combination of our Icom IC-F5012/F6012 entry level mobile radios and can be used as a VHF to VHF (SRP-V11), UHF to UHF (SRP-U11), or cross band repeater (SRP-X11).

The SRP repeater instantly retransmits received audio without any noticeable delay. All repeaters in this series provide a stable 25 watt output power allowing a radio scheme to be boosted beyond the range of normal Private Mobile Radio (PMR) networks.

The SRP Repeater Series comes complete with housing (including 240V PSU) to mount the repeater.
Measuring only: 19cm(W) x 20cm(H) x 20cm(D); excluding vol. knob projection, mains power plug (IEC type), and duplexor (where required). 
Weighs only: 4.1 Kgs.
The SRP is incredibly flexible so that you can install the repeater in a vehicle, an office, in a cupboard, on a small shelf, or a temporary location.

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