i-LOC: Security Management System

Security Management System

i-LOC uses strategically placed low power beacons around a building, which periodically transmits their identity. A receiver fitted inside an Icom handportable, receives transmissions from the beacons when the user of the portable passes in their vicinity. This information including all radio traffic is then logged and stored on a central database providing a powerful management tool for any security conscious organisation.

Security Management Features
i-LOC offers the ability to locate staff in buildings and areas where GPS tracking is not possible. Using a series of automatic location beacons, the handportable radios will automatically send their position back to a central PC. The system uses either an ICOM analogue or digital commercial handportable, giving the user the added benefit of text, status and voice communication as well as tracking.

Digital operation available
When the IC-F3162 or IC-F4162 digital commercial handportables are used, i-LOC provides; 6.25kHz channel spacing and spectrum efficiency to save you money. Digital mode doubles the channel capacity of 12.5kHz narrow band technology, meaning that users will have twice the capacity and also save 50% on licensing fees. Digitally-modulated, clear-voice and secure conversation are other beneficial features.

A Tool for Management Control
A major strength of i-LOC is its reporting features. All radio traffic is logged and stored on a central database. This is ideal for management control and future resource planning.

Aids Health & Safety Management Requirements
i-LOC satisfies the growing health and safety and management demands faced by organisations today. It provides a range of emergency alert functions with the use of Mandown, Loneworker and panic button features. It also provides extensive records/reports on all radio traffic should an organisation need it.

Provides a detailed view of staff deployment and resources
When used in conjunction with other modern security systems and in particular closed circuit TV, i-LOC provides a detailed view of activity and staff deployment in an area. The system is designed to be fully interactive ensuring dispatchers/supervisors are able to monitor and respond rapidly to situations as they occur.

Emergency Features
If an i-LOC radio is placed in emergency mode (either via Mandown, Loneworker or Panic button), it transmits its position to the Server. The Server can then automatically send a text message to all other radios stating the name and position of the radio that is in the emergency mode. i-LOC uses either an ICOM analogue or digital commercial handportable that gives you full status and text messaging and lone worker function not previously available on previous versions of this product. It also has Panic/Mandown alarms in addition to location traffic. Integration of the scanner into the radio leaves the accessory socket free on the outside for other functionality.

Easy installation
The i-LOC beacon is powered by lithium batteries (3V). The case of each beacon is compact, robust and waterproof (IP-67) thus allowing for easy installation indoors or out.

Minimal installation cost, avoid costly cabling
Thanks to the independent power supply of the beacons and stand-alone operation, you can avoid the cost of cabling often needed for other security systems.

Active beacons technology
• I-LOC beacons use the latest technology incorporating RISC microprocessors with very low consumption and a new ISM band at 868 MHz (licence exempt) for minimum interference of transmissions.
• The beacons’ emission power is approximately 10-mW peak, which gives a range of 20 m indoors and more than 100 m outdoors (adjustable).
• If the beacons transmit every 30 seconds, the typical consumption is 150 µW (50µA at 3V). This could be further reduced by increasing the interval between transmissions if the configuration of the location allows. With a transmission interval of 30 seconds, the battery version beacons have a working duration of up to 5 years.

Secure system
• Automatic indication when battery needs replacement. In order to simplify the maintenance of the batteries and to secure the system, information is automatically sent when the battery in a beacon needs to be changed. This information is contained in the message that the beacon will relay through portable radios that pass in their proximity to be sent to the base.
• Unique identity for each beacon. Each beacon is unique and can not be duplicated thus assuring complete security for the system.

Custom programming
The time between emissions from the beacons is easily programmable values of 4, 7, 15, 30, 60, 120, 180, 300 seconds are available. A CRC added to the identity avoids false receptions.

A huge range of applications.
Facilities management, property management; hazardous industrial areas fire/safety equipment inspections, security patrol verification, special event reporting, emergency lighting verification, energy management and lighting control, intruder alarm detection and management, secondary monitoring of fire, smoke and gas alarm, perimeter intruder alarm management, general plant and equipment alarm monitoring, staff management, personnel database management (data collection for time and attendance) or areas of high security risk. This integrated Security Management system provides the benefits of radio communication and computer reporting using digital or analogue radio.

  • In digital mode, i-READ incorporates the latest digital 6.25K technology giving the user double the number of channels normally found on an analogue system. Digitally-modulated, clear-voice and secure conversation are other beneficial features.
  • A powerful and compatible tool for management control, providing a detailed view of staff deployment and resources.
  • Incorporates many Health & Safety functions such as Mandown, Lone worker and panic alarms.
  • Provides motivation for security officers to perform their assigned rounds, plus conclusive documentation that they have done so.
  • Alert staff of security issues without the risk of being overheard. Use text messages to circulate security information such as descriptions of know offenders.
  • The system enables a portable radio user to transmit pre-set status messages.
  • Easy installation, avoiding costly cabling.
  • Incorporates text and status messaging to reduce voice traffic on busy radio channels.

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