Handheld Radios (Walkie-Talkies)

Two-way Radio Hire

From a pair of simple back to back radios for a single day, to a hundred plus multi-channel radios for months; whatever your requirement.
We only hire professional grade Two-way radio equipment; Handhelds (Walkie Talkies), Vehicle mounted radios, and Base Station/Repeaters to business & events accross the UK.  All our radio equipment is fully Ofcom approved & licensed (no extra charges!), is full checked prior to every hire and arrives ready to use. All our radios include a rapid 1-2 hour charging, clips, antenna, battery and Ofcom Licence; a full range of accessories including: Headsets, Speaker/Microphones, Earpieces, and Cases are available.
If you require the radio equipment to be programmed to your existing frequency then this is carried out free of charge. But we must have a copy of your up to date Ofcom licence.

As there is no one solution fits all Contact us now and let us find your solution...