Hire Equipment

We hire professional grade digital & analogue, VHF or UHF, two-way radio equipment; Handhelds ("Walkie-Talkies"), Vehicle mounted radios, Base Station/Repeaters, and Loudhailers to businesses & events across the UK. Our radio equipment is fully Ofcom approved & licensed (no extra fees!), full checked prior to every hire and arrives ready to use. All our handheld radio hires include 'rapid' 1-2 hour chargers, clips, antenna, & battery; a full range of accessories are also available for a small fee, including: Headsets, Speaker/Microphones, Earpieces, Cases etc...
If you require the radio equipment to be programmed to your existing frequency then this is usually carried out free of charge. But we must have a copy of your current valid Ofcom licence.
Equipment is available for a single day, a week-end, a week, a month, or much longer; whats your requirement???

Holding an event?  – if it involves gatherings & control of people/the public, - what is your communication plan and back-up?
  • Mobile phone coverage can be patchy at best!
  • Mobile network sites are frequently shut out for maintenance - without warning!
  • Mobile networks "optimise" thier networks (change coverage) - without warning!
  • Can you even hear your phone ringing, - perhaps due to the noise at your event?
  • Could you actually hear to use it?
  • If there is a major event/incident in your area how do you ensure your vital communications will still work?
  • Public networks frequently buckle (become overloaded) due to the volume of the call levels at ad-hoc or unusual large gatherings (yours?).
  • The Police, local authorities and your insurers, now require you to have good reliable management processes & communications for your event!
Below are just a few of thousands of two-way radio uses:
  • Festivals, Concerts, Carnivals, Shows, Fetes, Rally, Athletic & Sporting Events, Gymkhanas, Motor Sports, Demonstration Days, Open Days...  - Security, Pubic Safety Control & Management,  General Site/Event Management, Parking Management & Control, Emergency Evacuation/Situations, etc.
  • Procession Management
  • Engineering Works
  • Construction & Demolition Projects
  • Traffic Control & Management
  • Road works
  • Film Sets
  • Site Shutdowns
  • Holiday Parks
  • Rallies & Demonstrations
  • Stewarding & Processions

As there is no one solution fits all Contact us now and let us find your solution...