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Change has happened... 

The change has been coming for some time now for European pilots now. Due to increasing demand, Europe has been running out of VHF frequencies allocated to aviation. To ease this situation, the radio spectrum is being reorganised by reducing the channel width to 8.33 kHz down from 25 kHz so that more channels will be available. The timescale for this migration was lengthened to 2018 to ensure universal adoption.

So far, Europe is the only region that has moved to 8.33 kHz channel spacing, so Icom have put together an online guide and PDF checklist that discusses some of the issues that the implementation of 8.33 kHz channel spacing will have for both commercial and leisure pilots. To find out more about these changes, click on ‘The Impact of 8.33 kHz channel spacing for the Aviation Radio User’.
Key dates were, From:
17th November 2013 
Manufacturers are not to market radios unless they are 8.33kHz capable.
No aircraft may receive an initial C.of.A or permit unless a 8.33kHz capable radio is fitted.
Any upgrade to aircraft radios must include 8.33kHz capability.
1st January 2014
No aircraft may fly Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) in Class A, B or C airspace unless it is 8.33kHz capable.
31st December 2017
All aircraft radios operated in the EU must be 8.33kHz capable.